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Announcing The Class of 2023

Over 2,500 nominations were submitted globally in our first year of The Häagen-Dazs Rose Project to recognise #WomenWhoDontHoldBack.

From a shortlist of 50 inspirational and talented women from 17 different countries, our inspirational all-female global judging panel has selected five winners who will be awarded an equal share of our $100,000 USD bursary to continue their trailblazing endeavours.

Meet The Class of 2023

Jennifer Seifart _ IWD Headshot

Jennifer Seifert

In 2021, Jennifer started a movement in Mexico to protect women and children against coercive control and post-separation abuse. What started as a grassroots project with a small group of women, quickly turned into a group of over 3,850 women working alongside local authorities and national senators helping women suffering terrible violence. Jennifer and her team also set up a 24/7 access portal so women could access medical, psychological and psychiatric help. Her initiatives - approved in 25 of the 32 states - have garnered international recognition for their effectiveness, with other countries now adopting the same protocols.



Karol Ivanna Aceves Flores

Realising the extent of sexual misinformation (only 20% of the Mexican population has received comprehensive sexual education), Karol started a project focusing on sexual education for young people, providing a safe space where people aged 10 to 24 can learn and interact with experts. At only 23 years old, she has managed to inform more than 2,000 people in the city of León and Monterrey. Her success led her to be chosen as a Youth Ambassador where she created spaces for young people to talk and hosted various workshops, forums, and events.

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Sarah Kandolo _ IWD Headshot

Sarah Kandolo
South Africa

#TalkAboutHer is a project that was co-founded by Sarah and three other female students, who travelled across seven African countries to encourage other African women to take up leadership roles within their communities. The aim of the project was to highlight the critical role that African women play in the long-term viability of communities. Sarah currently works as a student leader at Operation Compassion South Africa Hatfield Welfare Society, a centre dedicated to holistic student development and providing leadership skills that will aid the future emergence of leaders in their communities.

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Eunice Maia _ IWD Headshot

Eunice Maia

Born from her countryside origins and an acute awareness of the global issues facing food systems, Eunice opened the doors to Maria Granel in 2015, a pioneering 100% organic bulk grocery shop in Lisbon dedicated to promoting healthy eating and sustainable food consumption. The store is designed as a sensory experience that encourages consumers to engage and learn about the products they are purchasing. Eunice has gone on to design an environmental education program for companies and schools, has written a book on practising waste reduction, and has harnessed social media to expand awareness of sustainability practices, leading challenges such as “Plastic Free July” in Portugal.

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Yarett Pineiro
Puerto Rico

As a Deaf woman, Yarrett has fought for equality and to uphold the rights of the Deaf Community in Puerto Rico. Educated with a Master's Degree level in Educational Neuroscience, she has collaborated with international universities, founded the company ASLES (Advancement in Sign Language Education and Services) to offer sign language and interpretation courses and works as a Sign Language Interpreter around the island to facilitate communication between Deaf and hearing individuals. She also supports the families of Deaf children with communication and provides an accessible service. She is a living example that limits only exist in the mind.

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